Purple and Gold

August 5, 2012

The kids are going to college soon.  In honor of their school colors, here is some purple and gold from the garden this week.

The cucumber blossoms are gorgeous this year.  The turf grass looks so green after the rain.

I was surprised to see two clematis flowers blooming yesterday.

We have a lot of yellow tomatoes to eat this year!

Prairie verbena.  Just planted this year, but doing well.

Last year I planted purple browallia and yellow moss roses in this planter, but this year I threw it back by the vegetable garden and did nothing.  Then this week I saw that the moss roses came back on their own, despite the drought, and have started to bloom.

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

The Caryopteris bush almost died over the winter.  This little lavender flower does not look like much, but when a whole bush blooms at once the bees go crazy.

This fall garden is meant to be yellow and purple, but different things bloom at different times.  The veronica – spike speedwell are purple now, but hard to see in the middle of this picture.  Soon we will have purple asters and goldenrod on the right.


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