August Rain Relief

August 5, 2012

Yesterday the rain started pouring between the time I left the back door until I got to the car door.  I was soaked but the garden was refreshed.  Today the sky was so blue as I lay on the lawn chair and looked at the puffy white clouds float by.

We had an inch and a half of rain!  I love the yellow heliopsis summer sun in the background….

Raindrops on leaves of lady’s mantle – Alchemilla.

Raindrops on daisy leaves.  I have been having trouble with my camera for a while when I try to focus on small things, like raindrops or bugs.  It might just be me, but I might try getting a different camera…

Again, I had trouble focusing, but here is a japanese beetle.  This is the first year that we have really seen many japanese beetles in our yard.  They are most attracted to the pole bean leaves, canna leaves and here to the serviceberry bush.  I wonder which of the predators in the garden will be interested in eating them.

Between watering and rain we have a lot of cucumbers coming!  The other vegetables looks good, too, with little disease at this point.  Some of the grass is starting to green up again, also.

Food treat this week:  We boiled up our one cob of corn and split it four ways!


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