Brilliant Bugs

July 28, 2012

Since the rain we are finally encountering a few more mosquitoes, gnats and other biting, flying critters, which I have not taken pictures of!  Here is some of the wildlife I enjoy watching and photographing in my yard.

Grasshopper hides in bean pole tent.  I love the detail on his/her body.

Dragonfly – Widow Skimmer.  You can see through his wings.  I love the shiny head and thorax.

Green Dragonfly.  Dragonflyies will let you get quite close if you come very slowly.  This guy has his wings down cautiously and is ready to fly.  Here the wings have no dark markings.  They love to sit on dead sticks.

Bee on Gaillardia.  We have a lot of Gaillardia in the yard and there are always bees on them.

Spider spins web at dusk.  This was really fun to watch.  The spider would come to the center, go around in a circle and head off in a new direction before coming back to the center again.

Emerald Green Arbotvitae.  The one in the back looks fine, but the one in the front suffered from the drought.  Not a pretty picture, but it can happen in drought when you aren’t paying attention.


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