Sunday Sundry Snapshots

July 22, 2012

I wandered around taking pictures of bugs this morning as well as a few plants that caught my attention.

Ants explore yellow fennel flowers.

With a little research I discovered that this is called a Great Black Wasp.  It sips on nectar but searches out crickets and katydid which it paralyzes with a sting.  It then bring the cricket to its burrow where it lays it eggs on the still living prey.  That provides food for the babies when they are born.  In fact I watched this wasp dragging its prey along this railroad tie.  It was somewhat disturbed to have me near, so this is as close as I got for the picture.  I guess I also captured a box elder bug at the bottom of the picture.

A batch of baby box elder bugs.  Try saying that quickly a few times….  Here seen on butterfly weed seed pods.

This is the new bed I planted this year where I put my lasagne mulch last fall.  The left side is a bit bare, but I have enjoyed the cheery mix of colors.

Found a peanut in its shell in my yard this spring, probably left by a squirrel.  A little later I noticed that it had sprouted, so I gave it a little more water.  Now we have several plants and they are blooming with these little yellow flowers.  Will these turn in to peanuts?  Stay tuned for the results in the fall.

The russian sage is starting to bloom around the garden.  I saw tiny little pollinators flying in and out of these little lavender flowers.

A close look at sweet potato leaves.  They come out purple and turn green as they grow.

Curly kale close-up

Crabapples – Malus Profusion Crabapple.  Sometimes I see the cardinals come and try these apples out, but I think they are more edible after a frost or two.


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