Showy Edibles

July 20, 2012

We finally had rain Wednesday night and that helps the vegetables grow again.  Even though it is still very dry in the yard these plants work hard to produce beautiful fruits.

Eggplant flower.  Dan and I cooked up a big eggplant this week with olive oil, tomatoes and peppers and ate it on rice.

After the rain the tomatoes were starting to crack, so I picked the first yellow tomatoes and they were really sweet and delicious.

Heirloom pepper – ‘Round of Hungary.”  Because of its small size this pepper ripens more quickly than the big bell peppers.  I am growing bell peppers also, but I like these little peppers!

We have a lot of kale in the garden this year. We have eight curly kale plants, like the plant to the left of the path that looks like a big spider or crab.  We also have one dinosaur kale plant, just in front of the curly kale in the picture.  On the right is the bean pole, which should have beans soon, if it doesn’t already.  I noticed that the pole tipped over slightly from the thunderstorm the other night, but I set it up straight again. Behind the kale you might be able to see the tall cucumber vine.  It is right next to the cherry tomato and those vines will be fighting it out over the next months, but I am pretty sure that the tomato will be the last one standing.

Dan is working on increasing his vegetable consumption, so I made him a big salad today with cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach.  (not all from the garden….)

Looks like we have one corn cob coming.  Maybe more in a few weeks….

I love the design, color, texture and smell of these common sage leaves.

Dan and I had the day off so we went and explored at the Morton Arboretum.  We have a Chinquapin Oak in our backyard, so we found a lot of Chinquapin Oaks to see what ours will look like one day.  We also explored this path in the woods around Sterling Pond.


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