July Garden Life

July 8, 2012

After four days at around 100 degrees the weather is slightly cooler, but still no rain.  The turf grass is like brown straw.  But since we are in mid-summer we have been noticing fireflies, cicadas, grasshoppers, praying mantises and dragonflies.  I have not really seen caterpillars yet, so I am waiting for them.

These tiny blue dragonflies are frequent visitors to the ornamental grasses, in this case Miscanthus – morning light.  Actually I think this is called a damselfly….  It took a while to get the camera to focus on the right thing since it is so small.

The canna flower in the patio container finally bloomed.   This is the first time I have grown canna.

The first phlox bloomed yesterday.  They have seeded themselves around the garden, so a lot more coming.

I have eggplant growing in the ground and in a container.  I think this container variety is “black beauty.”  This is the first time I have grown this.

Corn tassels.

I took the corn tassel picture yesterday and this morning I went out and found three corn stalks on the ground.  Since we don’t have rabbits or deer and it does not look like something a cat would do we wondered what could have caused this.  Maybe a raccoon or possibly an opossum, both have been seen in other years in the neighborhood.  I just planted more corn seeds this week and some have sprouted.  Will we get to eat any of the corn this year?  Even if we don’t it is just fun to grow corn because we can!

Cherry tomatoes.  The promise of what’s to come.


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