Some Like It Hot!

July 4, 2012

With the temperature close to 100 degrees every day and little rain on the horizon the plants are needing water.  I fill the bird baths every day, water the containers, and I have started to periodically water the vegetables and shrubs.  However even without rain some of the flowers seem to last longer and bloom despite the heat.

I am amazed by the detail on this pink zinnia.  No wonder the pollinators are attracted to it.

Profusion fire zinnias.  These are the smallest zinnias I have this year. After they were established I stopped watering them and they are hanging in there.

Purple coneflower – Echincea purpurea.  Nothing really purple about it.

Liatris spicata – blazing star starting to bloom.  I think they could use more water for a fuller bloom.  The hummingbirds like these.

Ant explores fennel flower.

Fly rests on yarrow.

The camomile really took off this year, though looking a little tired now.

As I write this the sun is setting and I can hear 4th of July fireworks exploding around the neighborhood and dogs barking…


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