First Fruits

July 1, 2012

We have had near drought conditions, but since Thursday we have had three quarters of an inch of rain, which has really helped.  I also watered the vegetable garden with the drip hose twice.  Now I can start to enjoy the produce!

Cucumber blossom.  There are lots of blossoms today, so I had better get ready for the bounty.  So far I have eaten cucumber in my lunch salads this past week and prepared cucumber slices for the family today.  But we will soon have to eat it more quickly or give it away.  I also saw the first zucchini blossom today.

Grown from organic cucumber seed.  “Marketmore Cucumber”

Bean pole teepee.  The agressive vines have reached the top of the poles, and down below they will crawl over everything if I don’t watch out.  In time I will start to see blossoms and then beans. On the left you can see sage, kale and yarrow.  On the right, onions and romaine lettuce that is starting to bolt.

First wax beans.  I grow a Burpee mix of bush beans:  Blue Lake, Royal Burgundy and Super Wax.  These are seeds I bought three years ago and I am still using them up.

Blossom for the royal burgandy bush bean.

Forbidden Fruit:  The neighbor’s raspberries that he never picks.  If I can reach them I eat them….

I am successfully growing eggplant for the first time.  I am growing two types and the Japanese “ichiban” produced fruit first.  After they grew a little bigger than this picture I had them for supper last night, sauteed in olive oil with tomato and garlic.

Seen in the yard this week:  The chipmunk has definitely become more brave.  I wonder if it is living in the hostas.  This is another addition to the wild life in the yard.  I also ran across the snake in the compost pile again last weekend…  Will that keep down the mice population?  Other than that the dry weather has kept the insects down.


2 Responses to “First Fruits”

  1. Donna said

    This weekend I had someone ask me how to pick vegetable plants that produce vegetables. Hers only produced flowers. I told her the flowers would get pollinated and then she’d get vegetables. Then she got huffy and asked how she was supposed to pollinate them – she barely had time to water and weed. Thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses and she couldn’t see my eyes rolling!

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