June Close Ups

June 17, 2012

It finally rained last night!!  This morning I cut back, pruned, dead-headed and harvested around the yard.  This evening I bought some tomoto cages for the cucumber plants that grow quickly once it rains.  The funnest part of gardening is wandering around taking pictures, but I got a few bug bites doing that today…  I love the art, wonder and surprises in the garden.

Maybe the rain brought out the first sweet pea flowers.  Stephanie’s birthday flower for April.

The first cornflower blooms.  I ordered these annuals online and now when I looked this up it is also called Bachelor Buttons, I think.


Heliopsis Summer Sun – This is a “false sunflower” perennial I planted recently and has started to bloom next to the lavender flowers in the back – Wonder of Staffa Aster.  They are both bent over from the rain.  I suppose I need to stake them.

It is time for daisies!  I always try to pull them up each year, but they seem to come back with a cheery smile.  I like them until they fall over on top of other plants, but this year I tied them up, so we will see how long that lasts.

A moth rests on coreopsis moonbeam.

Knee high before the fourth of July.

Curly cue cucumber tendril latches on to wire cage, while above, a flower starts to stretch into a becoming a cucumber.

Cooking adventure:  We have a lot of kale and I understand that it has more vitamins than most other vegetables, so I am trying to find good recipes to get the family to eat it.  Today we cooked sauteed kale and new potatoes from the garden topped with cheese.  Also in the recipe from the garden were an onion and some basil.  After sauteing with olive oil I added chicken broth and steamed it for about 30 minutes, which is what it needed to sweeten up the kale.  Enjoyed by all!


3 Responses to “June Close Ups”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    I didn’t realize bachelor buttons were also called cornflowers. They’re called “yagurumaso” here in Japan, but always remind me of my mom’s garden growing up in Seattle, particularly all the blues and purples.

  2. I might be wrong, but that is what google seemed to be saying about cornflowers. Do you know a lot of Japanese flower names?

  3. Dan Linquist said

    The kale and new potatoes were very tasty!

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