June Blooms

June 6, 2012

The weather is beautiful this week, in the mid 70s, and the garden is starting to burst into bloom.

Yellow yarrow in the foreground.  The bed in the background I call my “fall garden,” but it is looking pretty active this June.  The tall flowers are the red hot pokers.  The blue flowers are “Spike Speedwell” Veronica.

Cute coreopsis.  I think these are called “Early Sunrise.”

I think these Gaillardia seeded themselves in a new spot in the garden.

These pink flowers are Penstemon Digitalis Red Husker, with yarrow in the background.

If you looked at this blog last November you will remember that I did lasagne mulch on the right half of this area with a lot of leaves from our yard and the neighbors yard.  The leaves all reduced down and now the spot is planted with some new plants.  This should look good by the fall, though some flowers are already getting ready to bloom.

The butterfly weed is starting to bloom.  Now we just need the Monarchs to find it.

Instead of letting the morning glories come back again this year I planted a Virginia Creeper.  This should spread over the back fence and be red in the fall.  The morning glories were beautiful, but a lot of work to clean up in the fall, in order to keep the seeds from taking over the whole yard!  Hopefully this will be a perennial that requires less work.


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