Earth Day

April 23, 2012

Today they commemorated Earth Day at the local elementary school.  I went over to help out for the day.  It looks nice after the weeding, mulching and planting and hopefully the plants will grow strong and produce vegetables and flowers.  The kids seemed to be enjoying themselves.  My knees and bones are pretty tired!!  Here is what is happening in my garden.

The clematis can be seen from the kitchen window as they grow up the back fence.

Baptisia Australis – Wild Blue Indigo is a native plant that I planted recently and it is just starting to bloom.

My most recent project was putting bricks around my new flower bed by the patio.  We disturbed a few earthworms and cut a few in half.  This one is heading back down to do what it does best.

Recently we planted two American Plum shrubs / trees that we got at Possibility Place, a nursery which just grows plants from native seeds collected in the Chicago 100 mile radius.  Once they started growing we realized that the two plants were not the same.  The one on the left has red leaf tips.  Below are the close ups.  I think I will email Possibility Place and ask them what they think I am actually growing!

Bush on the right with yellow / orange leaf tips.

Bush on the left has pretty red tipped leaves.

Bird storys:  The robins started a nest in the crabapple tree, but then seemed to abandon it.  I wonder if we disturbed them.  I thought I saw a bluebird couple, but the next day we put on a new roof, so we might have scared them away…..

This week there have been red admiral butterflies everywhere.


2 Responses to “Earth Day”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    Love the purple/blue of the clematis and indigo. Good for you for helping out with Earth Day events! I saw it on the calendar but didn’t celebrate in any overt way…maybe I’ll pull weeds today after a heavy rain.

  2. The indigo / baptisia should get big and then the blue/purple will look great at the same time as the clematis. I like that color, too.

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