Turn Over A New Leaf

April 9, 2012

Leaves in the garden are uncurling, unfurling and opening up in a variety of ways and colors.  The diversity of plant material in the garden is amazing.  Here are a few pictures I captured.

Viburnum Dentatum – Raspberry Tart

The Japanese Barberry shrubs in front of the house are so colorful in the spring.

Aruncus Dioicus – Goat’s beard.  I like the lines and colors on these new leaves.

I planted one more purple “plum pudding” huechera this year, a little farther back to hopefully be in more shade.  Also in the picture, Korean feather reed grass, coneflower (center), columbine (left center), lady’s mantle (front left.)  They will soon fill out more of the space and from behind the Joe Pye Weed will grow up over the whole grouping.  I don’t have that many spring flowers  planted yet, so colorful leaves really add to all the green.

A favorite ground cover.

 I can start nibbling on lettuce now and I planted more lettuce in several places today.  Last week I wrote about a “well-watered garden,” but actually with the heat and little rain the ground is quite dry.  Some of the lettuce that was growing earlier died.  In the top left of the picture you can see a pea plant coming up.  I need to keep giving them good water, because I love getting garden peas.  Or maybe I planted sweet peas.  I can’t remember, but either way I want it to grow!!   Tonight the weather is cooling down to almost freezing.  Since spring is ahead of schedule the cool weather is probably a good thing.

This week I moved some perennial plants around to better locations and moved in a few new perennials to replace ones I did not like.  It should be one to three weeks before my plants arrive in the mail for my new bed by the patio.  I also got some inexpensive planters last fall and will try putting some planters on the patio for the first time this year.

The birds are wonderful.  With in a few minutes of looking out the window I see so many varieties at the bird bath, but no bluebird yet.


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