Crocuses and Daffodils

March 13, 2012

It must have been 70 degrees today and it should be even warmer tomorrow. I took a walk in the Morton Arboretum today and saw a flowering fragrant viburnum with bees buzzing on it in a sheltered spot.  In my yard the crocuses have been blooming for a while, but really opened up on Sunday.

Purple crocuses in front of the house on Sunday.

This purple bloom along the east fence attracted a polinator.  The little flies are easily seen now.

These crocuses just opened on the north side of the house.

These miniature daffodils opened yesterday.  The color is so bright from the kitchen window.  The taller daffodils are coming out of the ground.

Our brown ceramic bird bath cracked over the winter so I picked up this cement one at Walmart.  With all the birds arriving I did not want to wait another day to put out a water source.  I am hoping for another pair of bluebirds.  I did see bluebirds on a walk at the Danada forest preserve the other day, so it may not be too early…

 I cut down some of the ornamental grasses recently and the birds in the neighborhood have been picking up bits of straw for their nests.

Compost update:  I started a new pile for the dry leaves that have been blowing into the yard on these windy days.  For the piles that have been frozen over the winter I gave them a good turn to mix up the dry bits with the soggy bits and threw in some more kitchen scraps along with some earthworms. Go earthworms!!


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