The Soil Food Web

March 3, 2012

It’s funny what can entertain a person in the middle of winter!  I know that good soil makes a good garden, but I have had fun this past week studying soil science and understanding how to encourage fungi and bacteria to help do their jobs instead of using chemicals to fertilize plants, which work temporarily, but make the fungi and bacteria obsolete and therefore destroy the soil food web.  Here is the book I have been reading, which made this stuff interesting and comprehensible for the first time.

I have ordered sweet potato plants from Burpee and perennials and blueberries from Spring Hill Nursery.  I bought some seeds and will plant those indoors soon, but not too soon so they are ready before the garden is.  I made a list of all the things that need to be planted outside, so I can prioritze them.  The onions can be planted any time now, and maybe the first lettuce before too long.

This coming week I plan to take a day off work and visit the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  I am not sure if I will find it interesting, but I have never gone and I am curious about how organic gardening will be represented.   I might even meet some other organic gardeners to compare notes with.

I guess I will read a little more as the snow swirls outside!


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