Winter Warmth

February 19, 2012

The weather has been amazingly mild this year.  Many days have been in the 40s.  Hopefully it has been cold enough to kill off weeds and diseases.  Here are some of the things growing in the middle of February.

 These crocus bulbs bloom on the south side of a log.

Daffodils and Liriope break through the ground on the north side of the house.

The strawberries are spreading vigorously now.

At the base of all the sedum, the new rosette are growing.

Rock Moss grows on the east side of the house.  Last summer, just after Dan finished tarring the garage roof, we had a strong storm and the tar splattered off the roof onto the rocks below.  We may need to get some more rocks to replace these…  Today we visited Home Depot and made an appointment to have a roof specialist visit us to talk about re-roofing next summer.  We need to get several quotes.  That, and college costs, will cost money, so I am reminding myself to try to be cost conscious in the garden this year.  I’ll start planting seeds indoors in a month or so, as that always costs less than buying plants.  I think I have decided to buy a native American Plum tree from Possibility Place in April.


3 Responses to “Winter Warmth”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    Who would have thunk it? Your tulips are taller than mine! We haven’t had any deep snow, but flakes fall now and then from the sky and though daylight hours are longer, nights are still colder than I like.

  2. Donna said

    My moss gardens are looking spectacular this winter, and I have huge buds on my Lenten Rose plants. I can’t wait for my first flower of the season!

  3. Hi Donna! It is good to hear your voice on these comments. I have not seen Lenten Rose plants, but I am sure they are gorgeous.
    Andrea – We are supposed to have rain and maybe some snow tonight, but it has not been under 20 degrees much in the past month, which is very unusual. Tonight it might get down to 34 degrees.

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