New Year’s Day and No Snow

January 1, 2012

It has been exactly two years since I first started this blog.  Though our calendar says another year is starting, the garden is somewhat dormant, though greener than usual.

The past two years we have had snow on the ground on New Year’s Day, but not this year.  There were a few flurries earlier today, but nothing stuck to the ground.

We had a burst of sunlight before the temperatures started to drop.  You can see how long the shadows are at 11:00 am.

The weather has been so mild that the parsley is still green and edible.

We did have a little snow mid-December, but otherwise it has just been rain.  I ate some of this Kale after the snow fell…

It is a wonderful time to get out my garden plans from the past few years and figure out how I will rotate my vegetables this year to control pests and diseases.  Since I still have my plans from four years ago I might just use an adapted version of that plan.  When it is time to plant in the spring I really don’t have time to be planning, though there is room for spontaneity.

I will have to look at the shrubs, perennials and annuals in the rest of the garden and see what plans I come up with.  I really could use some new paths…  Time to get some ideas from the library!  Planning requires no shoveling or getting dirty, and it is fun to explore all the possibilities!


2 Responses to “New Year’s Day and No Snow”

  1. Andrea said

    Something about your blueprints for the garden struck me and helped me see my life and ministry a bit differently at the beginning of 2012. Thanks! May your creativity and productivity expand to even more nourishing and beautiful dimensions this year.

  2. Things never really turn out the way I plan them, but at least I move the big plants around. Some days I feel more creative and other times I just want to slide into the comfort zone and not have changes. Andrea – Enjoy 2012! I know you are creative in wonderful ways!

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