After the first freezing temperatures

November 13, 2011

I saw a little snow blowing around one day this week and then we had the first hard freeze on Thursday night.  I have been cleaning up the plants that spread unwanted seeds first and then the rest needs to be cleaned up next week before the village stops picking up yard waste.

Viburnum Dentatum – Chicago Lustre.  The viburnum seem to be the last shrubs, other than the lilacs, with leaves.  These two are the same cultivar but changed color at different speeds.  They are beautiful from the kitchen window.

It’s about time to bring in the plastic chairs and hose, and there are still a lot of leaves to mulch up for the compost pile.  In fact we might make a couple of leaf piles this year.

I found four praying mantis egg sacs in the garden during my clean up.  Three I found today on the chrysanthemum plants.  I think that must be a favorite place because there are so many flies and other pollinators that visit there and are easy prey.  Each sac contains 100 – 200 eggs, so that should be enough to take care of a lot of garden pests next year.  They may also attract some larger insectivore birds to eat them!

I picked up this hand made wooden watering can at a garage sale this fall for a dollar.  I wonder who took the time to make this interesting art.


2 Responses to “After the first freezing temperatures”

  1. Beth Linquist said

    Very cool that you identified the praying mantis egg sac!

  2. Last year I listened to an audio book by Annie Dillard or some other nature person who talked about watching a praying mantis egg sac all winter waiting for the babies to hatch and then a farmer plowed it away in early spring before she could see the sac open. That story stuck in my mind, so I am always keeping my eyes open for egg sacs and cocoons as I clean up.

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