Chrysanthemums and Ornamental Grasses

October 23, 2011

Can you call this Indian Summer?  Last I checked it was 66 degrees.  Butterflies and bees everywhere.

Chrysanthemum ‘fantasy.’  I like the flowers, but the plant is somewhat brittle and I am not sure how it will work long term.

Chrysanthemums before the rain and wind this week. This plant has its drawbacks but the pollinators don’t seem to notice those.

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

Little Bluestem.  The stalks turn red in the autumn.  This is my very small prairie meadow.

Red seed heads of Miscanthus ‘Morning Light.’

A few weeks ago I bought a tiny ornamental bird house/feeder at a garage sale to hang in the crab apple tree.

Fall preparation of a new bed for spring planting.  I am half way through in this picture.  Here is the recipe:  Take off sod and set aside.  Cover ground with compost and dig in if you have time.  Cover the ground with two feet of mulched leaves.  Throw in kitchen scraps like banana peels and apple cores.  Turn the sod upside down and put it back on top of the leaves with the dirt side up.  Hose it down with water.  Next spring I should be able to plant right into it.  I might add more leaves or green stuff if I get something that will break down well.  In this picture Dan put grass clippings on the pile.

Yesterday Dan dug up the rest of the sod, but we did not have enough leaves to put on the ground because they blew down the street, so I went across the street to the house that has been foreclosed.  Some people were cleaning it up for the bank and I asked if I could have some of their leaves.  I brought back four or five garbage cans full of leaves, spread them on the lawn and Dan mulched them up with the mower.  I still need a lot of leaves for the back compost pile, but the leaves on our maple tree are still green, so they will come down eventually.  If we don’t have enough I may have to ask more neighbors for leaves!

Cooking:  I roasted up about 12 peppers yesterday.  I am not sure what to do with them yet, though we had a great recipe from Tunisia we might try.


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