Intricate Designs

October 16, 2011

The garden is almost as colorful now as it has been most of the summer.  The mums are just starting to open up.  I don’t have pictures of large splashes of mums yet, but here are some close ups.

I have a lot of these mums in the garden and they are starting to open in masses of blooms.

I ordered three mum plants online last winter and now they are starting to bloom.  I was expecting a more purpley color, but I like the intricate design.  The center is like the other mums.  Next to the orange zinnias along the fence all the colors really pop out.

Coreopsis Tickseed.  I thought these were done for the year, but with deadheading I just got two more blooms.

Flowering kale, bought at a road side stand on the way home from Olivet last week.  We also have non-flowering kale, which we sauteed and ate for lunch today.

The hummingbirds are attracted to the pineapple sage this time of year.

The asters almost died off during the hot dry spell this summer.  This is the total of the flowers produced this year.  I might try moving them to a new location next year.

Each year I seem to have more produce later in the year.  Right now I am eating a lot of peppers and the zucchini just keeps coming.  Still eating cherry tomatoes, green pole beans and leafy greens of various types.

Seen in the garden: squirrel busy planting nuts; a mouse in the little toad house.

Eating:  Last cantaloupe.  We also visited Whole Foods Market for the first time today and bought organic apples and potatoes.

Thinking:  I wondered if it was possible to grow wheat.  I might try it, but at the scale I grow it I don’t think it would make much food.  If you are interested in seeing someone who grew wheat in their backyard, watch this video.


One Response to “Intricate Designs”

  1. Dan Linquist said

    I really like this week’s photos. They certainly highlight the late fall beauty of certain flowers.

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