Beautiful Autumn Garden

October 2, 2011

The colors seems brighter in the garden this week.  Some things are dying down, but others are still going strong or just getting started in October.  I am still waiting for the first mums to open.

Now that is has cooled down the foxgloves have started blooming again.  Good for bees and hummingbirds.

The alyssum was slow in starting this year, but now covers the sidewalk.

I think this is a painted lady butterfly on the zinnias further down the sidewalk.

Female praying mantis on Fothergilla bush.  They are beneficial insects attracted to a garden with a lot of insects and moths.  Autumn is the time they mate.  They send out some good smells to attract the male.

Male praying mantis a few feet from female.  At mating time they approach cautiously, as the female is dangerous.

Northern Sea Oats with beautiful seed heads.

Beautiful colors, shapes and lines.  Hydrangea and sweet potato vine.

I walked around Lake Katherine this afternoon.  The colors are starting to change.  There were many geese, duck, and swans on the lake.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Autumn Garden”

  1. Andrea said

    Lake Katherine reminds me of the shore of the pond near Kinkakuji- only God himself built the “Golden Pavilion” in the yellow tree at the far right…

  2. True! Nature is awesome and can complete against anything man made. I know that science explains the color change, but the beauty of it, and how it touches our spirits is miraculous.

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