Goldenrod, Penstemon, Boltonia….

September 25, 2011

There is a lot of color in the garden now.  I try to capture the color at its peak, but I am not exactly sure when that is.  That means taking pictures of the same plant until I get one I like.

Foxglove Penstemon Husker’s Red.  I enjoyed the pink flowers on this plant in early summer and now enjoy the fall foliage.

Solidago Rugoso – ‘Fireworks’ Goldenrod

I have goldenrod in three areas of the garden.  You can’t see the falling branches as well here, but I like the blend of colors with the zinnias.

I got a few boltonia plants from Donna last summer.  This year they grew huge and gave shade to the serviceberry bush.  The serviceberry is an understory plant and seemed to like the shade, growing a foot or so this year.  This boltonia really stands out when we look out the kitchen window.

Looking at the same boltonia plants from the north.  In front are the grass heads from the Korean feather grass as well as the pink turtlehead flowers.  On the far left are catmint, purple basil and coreopsis ‘moonbeam.’

The zebra grass seed heads opened this week.  I like the red color and that they are so tall.

Cooking this week:  Vegetable soup with kale, zucchini, swiss chard, tomatoes and green beans from the garden.  Also in the recipe, but not from the garden:  onions, garlic, beef broth, chick peas and a few noodles.  We found a new bakery near our house and had fresh baked bread with the soup.


4 Responses to “Goldenrod, Penstemon, Boltonia….”

  1. Katherine said

    Your garden is just amazing! I am so impressed and I really enjoy your pictures, especially these!

  2. Thanks Katherine! Glad you could join me in the garden today. I love all the fall native plants.

  3. Tim said

    Wish I could have some of that soup for my lunch!

  4. We’ve got leftovers…. I am still munching on squid and seaweed. Thanks for sending those treats!

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