End of Summer…

September 18, 2011

This coming week is the autumn equinox.  We tuned up the furnace for those cool nights, but still have some warm summery days.  It’s darker in the morning and we try to adjust to the thought of winter months ahead….  Meanwhile the garden continues to provide produce and an abundance of blooms.

These past weeks the pink sedum has been very dramatic.  It is buzzing with honey bees and another flying bug with yellow wings that I have not identified yet.  An autumn clematis has been climbing up the laundry pole and it is now blooming.  Hopefully it will fill out next year.

Grasses around the garden are producing seed heads.  This miscanthus is in the drought garden.  The russian sage keeps blooming its lavender flowers the bees love.

Several weeks ago I was surprised to see these pretty grasses among the weed I had ignored all summer.  I liked the seed heads and brought them inside.

I imagine this as a fairy meadow.  The small space of thick ground cover is surrounded on the south and west by tall grasses and shrubs and to the east by the melon patch.  The fairies can hide when needed, but then dance in the moonlight or enjoy the morning sunlight.

Yesterday Dan helped me plant these three Hicks Yew shrubs.  The idea is to provide some winter color as well as privacy from the house to the north.  This fall I will remove the grass in front of it and work in compost to prepare the soil for next spring when I will extend the drought garden in this direction off the patio.

Checking back in on the evergreen arborvitae I planted in the spring by my neighbor’s back door.  It looks like it made it through the summer well.  I love the spreading purple and green sweet potato vines.

The turtlehead flowers are blooming now.  On the center flower you can see a bumble bee that is deep in the flower.  They seemed to prefer the slightly browned and decayed flowers to visit.  They completely disappear as they fly in and out of each flower seeking nectar.

Food treat this week:   sweet musk melon – cantaloupe from the garden.


2 Responses to “End of Summer…”

  1. Dan Linquist said

    I like the fairy garden!

  2. I actually enjoyed sitting there on a sunny day once myself….

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