August Flowers

August 23, 2011

I enjoy the bright colored flowers in the garden this time of year.  The butterflies are starting to be more numerous, as are the dragonflies.

Remember those little zinnias I planted in the spring?  They are three to four feet tall now.  I got them as starter plants at Sid’s and they clearly showed a picture with red, yellow and possibly white zinnias.  Instead I got mostly pink ones.  Oh well, they brighten up the corner where they are.

Pink Phlox.  I planted one white phlox about four years.  I have been moving it around each year to find a good place for it in the garden and pulling up all the babies, since it self-seeds freely.  I have never planted pink phlox, though, so either these came from the birds, or the white phlox reverted to pink.   I like them, though!  On the right are salvia “blue hill.”

This spring I impatiently planted all kinds of seeds in the ground by this fence, but nothing seemed to come up, since it was so cold and damp.  Then everything started growing at once!  Here the small zinnias on the left came from seeds and the larger zinnias and coleus came from Sid’s.  On the end are nasturtiums that finally came up, also, though they have not flowered much yet.

This is another segment of the same fence.  This part also has white alyssum.  I also planted mums that will be purple or lavender next month.

I thought I bought “Johnson Blue,” but these do not look very blue.  This is the first year I have been successful with a hardy geranium like this in my garden.

I am not sure of the name of the cactus like plant in front of our house, that I think of as Agave.  You can’t see in this picture, but it is in front of the arborvitae.  It bloomed earlier this year.  I left the stalks up, since I heard there was a caterpillar that only liked these seedpods.  One day we heard pecking, looked out the window and saw this woodpecker pecking on the stalks.


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