Vegetable Garden in August

August 21, 2011

In this post I will just focus on the vegetable garden.  We mostly just grow as much as we can eat, but sometimes we have to eat a lot of something when it is growing quickly.  We have been eating tomatoes, beans, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, kale, swiss chard, and now cantaloupe. When the zucchini get too big, because I don’t get out in the garden for a while, I just throw them in the compost pile.  Yesterday we made spaghetti to use up some of the cherry tomatoes.

Vegetable garden from a distance.  The yellow fennel on the left is fun and blocks the huge tomato plant, which can look a little scraggly this time of year.  The pole beans on the fence behind the fennel are going wild and I just picked half a bucket of big beans.The blue/green kale right of the fennel has turned out to be a wonderful plant and great for cooking, too.

Here is a closer shot where you can see how much the zucchini take over…  there were a lot of zucchini blossoms today.   I love the combination of colors with the orange and pink zinnias and the blue morning glories as well as the lavender Agastache.

Red peppers for my daily salad.

Yellow bush beans.  These are generally more tender than the bigger pole beans.

We have eaten two cantaloupe, but we have 5 or 6 to go and they are ripening quickly so we are eaten them every day.

When cleaning up some old hosta flowers I came across only the second praying mantis I have seen in the garden.

I tried to move this guy over with a stick to get a better picture and she/he showed me a stinger.  Don’t they say the females eat the males after mating?  So I left “her” alone…


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