Brilliant Colors

August 7, 2011

I noticed how vivid the colors were in the garden with week.  Here are a few pictures of what is blooming.

Cantaloupe flower

We have four or five cantaloupe melons growing in the garden, and we wonder how they will taste…

The russian sage has not tipped over because of the grasses and iris leaves that prop it up in the drought garden.

I always have a few white phlox in the garden and these just started blooming.

The colors in the lilies are amazing.  I have seen the hummingbird in the garden this week and imagine it is attracted by these bright flowers.

The yellow fennel flowers are blooming.  You can see the cherry tomatoes in the background.  The fennel, tomatoes and mint are all fighting for the west side of the garden and the fennel and mint are sturdy enough to keep the tomatoes from falling on the ground.

I just went out to pick tomatoes, but the mosquitoes were so bad I did not venture into the vegetable garden, but just picked what I could reaching over the fence from the lawn.


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