July 26, 2011

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation along the Illinois River.  Lazy days of enjoying the sun and the shade.  While we were gone there was a lot of rain Saturday morning and the dry garden is starting to come back to life.

One of two large areas of black-eyed susans blooming in the yard.

This is not the best picture of the lilies, that were affected by the dry spell, but they are blooming around the Chinquapin Oak.

The moss roses I planted in the container a little while ago are starting to flourish.

We have been eating leaves from this kale plant and it is a bit like cabbage.  Now with the rain I am getting tomatoes and cucumbers as well.  The potato leaves look done, but I think the potatoes are still fine in the ground.

And a memory from our vacation, too.  Stepping out of the car on a hot humid day at Banner Marsh.  It was very quite and remote under a big blue sky.  We watched the swans, sea gulls and other birds and enjoyed the heat.  Then got back in the air conditioned car….


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