Close Ups

July 4, 2011

We are finally having a hot, dry spell.  That is no problem for the drought garden or most of the plants, but the vegetables like a little more water…  Here are a few close ups of plants, birds and bugs from the garden this week.

Coneflower – This guy acted like a bee, but since it is green maybe it is a fly…

Green dragonfly sunning on lilac bush.

There are a lot of male blossoms, but we have not had enough rain to get fruit from the female blossoms yet.

When the sun shines on the white base of the flower it makes the center of the flower glow like a light bulb and attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Mountain Bluet.  This replaced the sea holly that did not make it in the drought garden last year.

I climbed on a chair to take a picture of the baby robins.  I don’t know how many there were as I can only really see the one on the left.  On Thursday the babies left the nest.  There was a lot of screaming by the parent robin, but I think the baby survived.  Now the bluebird seems to be feeding fledglings, so we will see if they make if out of the bird house.


2 Responses to “Close Ups”

  1. Tim said

    This morning I am enjoying your garden from the city of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku. We are here with a group from Rolling Hills, CA. Get back to Tokyo on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing Stephanie on Monday!
    Love, Tim

  2. Stephanie and I are working on packing her suitcase and she is excited! We looked at pictures of Japan today. Wish I were coming…

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