June Snapshot

June 26, 2011

We have had beautiful weather the past few days, in the mid-70s.  I enjoy taking time to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of every plant.

We don’t have much shade in our back yard, but along the north side of the house we have hostas and this “invincibelle” hydrangea.

I think of this as my fall garden, but the middle area blooms now in June.  As the summer progresses the left and right sides will bloom yellow and purple colors through the fall.  I like the red hot pokers in the back that are just getting started.

In the drought garden the pink butterfly weed is starting to open.

I had weeds and grass growing in this planter, so today I threw in some annuals and brought it up by the back door.  On the left are yellow moss rose and on the right are blue browallia.  They don’t look like much yet, but this is the first time I have grown them, so it is another experiment.  There was an orange butterfly on the yellow tickseed flowers today, but I could not get close enough to identify it.  Not a monarch, though.

The bean plants on the bean pole are still looking somewhat tidy.  No beans yet, but we should have some bush beans soon.

As the pink penstemon flowers on he left go to seed, the bright colored zinnias are getting taller and will soon be three or four feet high and full of flowers.  The butterflies and birds love them.  There are a few snap peas on the fence on the left and the zucchini on the right are starting to blossom.  A very special treat this week was that we pulled up our first new potatoes and ate them a few hours later!

I think the bluebird is incubating eggs and the robin seems to be feeding baby birds.


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