Mosquitoes, College and Cooking….

June 19, 2011

After all the rain the mosquitoes seem to be active even mid-day.  I am thankful for anti-itch lotion, but had to put on bug spray to gather my lettuce today.  Add to that the heat, and maintaining the garden loses some of its attraction.  On the flip side, a lot is happening both with vegetables and flowers, so I enjoy looking at the plants, but relax a little on upkeep…

Thursday through Saturday Phil and I were at his college orientation at Olivet Nazarene University, and had a great time.  The landscaping there was really well done. I liked this oak tree…  Actually it was a busy weekend and this was the only picture I managed to take!

Back at home, this geranium – Max Frei – is finally starting to look healthy and hopefully will grow larger this year than it did last year, when it was overshadowed by bigger plants.

Orange butterfly weed just starting to open.  In front are strawberry plants, that have been quite prolific producers.

I love the way these plants fill out and crawl over the rock.  On the left are two types of marjoram and on the right is a yellow blooming sedum-like ground cover.  Coreopsis in the back.

The mulberries are starting to fall out of the tree in the easement.  Watch your step!

Recent cooking from the garden:

Rhubarb and mulberry sauce served warm over ice cream

beets with butter and salt and pepper

swiss chard and kale substituted for spinach and cabbage

on the salad front – lettuce flourishes and sugar peas add a crunch

stevia tried in tea as a sweetner


One Response to “Mosquitoes, College and Cooking….”

  1. Tim said

    Looks and sounds great Kris! Even the beets sound good…

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