Beauty in Diversity

June 12, 2011

There is a lot going on in the garden.  Other than planting a couple of annuals today, it was a good day to just relax and enjoy being in the garden.  It was in the high 50s much of the day so I had to stay in the sun to keep warm.

I love the contrast of color, shape and texture in this part of the garden. Front row:  Lady’s mantle, plum pudding coral bells, coreopsis – moon beam.  Middle row: purple coneflower, Korean feather reed grass, pink turtle head plant.  Back row:  Joe Pye Weed – little Joe, Joe Pye Weed – gateway.

We have three kinds of corepsis in our garden.  This one is tickseed.  Coreposis need a lot of deadheading, though I have heard that moon beam does not…

The third coreopsis is early sunrise, that is just starting to bloom on the right.  The purple flowers are spike speedwell.  Behind are black eyed susan and morning light miscanthus.

Viburnum – raspberry tart.  This flower is so intricate and will soon produce dark purple berries for the birds.

The first gaillardia is blooming.

Toad suns himself on the ground cover.  Or maybe he is getting a good lunch of bugs here….

The silver maple helicopter seeds have all fallen are are sprouting all over the yard.  Here they are growing in an empty pot I left on the patio.  Last weekend we cleaned out tons of them that were growing in the gutter of the roof.


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