Bluebird Habitat

June 11, 2011

We put up a bluebird house last summer and the wasps moved in.  But we cleaned it out this year and finally a bluebird couple are moving in this weekend.  At the Morton Arboretum they told me not to expect bluebirds to build nests in June, but maybe with all the crazy weather they are a little late this year.  From what I have read about bluebirds they usually do not come this far into the suburbs, so I am very surprised and excited to now have both robins and bluebirds living within sight of the kitchen window.

I bought a pair of binoculars for a dollar at a garage sale last week.  However the zoom on my camera is not very good, so I stood for a while by the laundry pole until I could take this shot.  The male bluebird seems to keep watch on the roof while his wife flies in and out building the nest.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had some very strong thunderstorms and it rained over five inches in our yard.  All the carefully laid mulch from last weekend was scattered way out into the grass as the light bark chips floated away.  On the bottom right of this picture, the dark green plant hiding under the potato plants is kale.  We ate some for dinner, mixed with cabbage and swiss chard one night.

The penstemon (beardtougue) is blooming this week.  This cultivar is called huskers red, but only the branches on the right seemed red.  The rest of the plant had green stems and lighter colored flowers.  Penstemon is a native North American plant.

Goat’s Beard (Aruncus dioicus.)  What’s with all the beard’s when naming plants?

Ground cover blooms by the back door.

Leaf Lettuce.  Maybe I will go pick some for lunch.

Bird sightings this morning within a few minutes:  cardinals, bluebirds, gold finches, robins, woodpecker, sparrows.  We also have red headed birds that are either a purple finches or some kind of grosbeak that often come to the bird bath and to snack on our sedum.


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