Pruning, Pinching, Weeding, and Mulching….

June 5, 2011

Spring is a busy time in the garden and I feel like I am just starting to catch up.  Last week we pruned some shrubs that were overgrown.  I have pinched back the plants that could grow very tall and tip over.  I have been staking or tying up some of them, as well.  Then there is the weeding.  I wanted to get rid of the weeds before putting down the mulch and the weeds had been a little out of hand.  But now I should be ready to reap the harvest and enjoy the beauty.

Yarrow.  I did not realize how tall these would get.  They block the view of the bird bath, but luckily I tied them up a month ago, so they did not fall all over the lawn in the recent strong rains.

You can see another bunch of yarrow starting to bloom in the vegetable garden.

The foxgloves self-seed in the garden.  Each spring I move some of the plants into partial shade, but leave one that is easy to see from the kitchen window.

I finally weeded and mulched the vegetable garden.  On the left are the potatoes.  I have no idea when I should pull them up!  Next is a small eggplant with a cicada shell on it.  The red stemmed plants are swiss chard.  In the front, the cucumber is just getting started and in the back the zucchini plants are starting to spread out.

We are just keeping ahead of the slugs on the strawberries.  This weekend I made some rhubarb and strawberry sauce and also ate a lot of strawberries and cream.

This bee finds a sheltered resting place on the viburnum during the rain.  This year we seem to have so few pollinators compared to last year.  I noticed the neighbor spraying chemicals, so that may have decimated some of them.

Sightings in the garden today:  bluebird; medium sized toad; very small snake skin!


2 Responses to “Pruning, Pinching, Weeding, and Mulching….”

  1. Erick Hacking said

    Looks wonderful. I really need to get out into my garden more. But with 15 tomato plants this year, I think I will be spending lots of time out there.

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