Irises Bloom

May 30, 2011

Saturday morning I woke up to see that the irises I had gotten from Rick’s yard had bloomed and I got to see the colors for the first time.

I like the way the dark red color matches the crab apple leaves.

Since I did not know the color when I planted them, this side has both the red irises and the blue ones.

It was foggy Sunday morning and rained much of the day.  The temperature may not have reached 70 degrees.   Then today it shot up to over 90. The red irises are already starting to wilt in the heat.

The sage is blooming in the vegetable / herb  garden.


Today I came across a black swallowtail butterfly under the oak tree.  It may have just come out of a cocoon, as it did not fly away while I took a number of pictures.

The baby robins flew out of their nest next door.  The past few days a robin has been making a nest on the north side of our crab apple tree.  We are often sitting quite close by, on the south side of the tree, and enjoy watching the bird bring bedding for the nest and put it together.


2 Responses to “Irises Bloom”

  1. Donna said

    Kris – I got some monarch eggs from this guy last year and raising them was amazing. Takes minimal time on your part. You should try a few!!!
    I have found close to 400 Monarch eggs and caterpillars in the last two weeks. I am planning on passing out about 3/4’s of the cats (caterpillars) that I find this year so I am starting early to let people know they are available now. You need milkweed for food and I can direct you to wild sites where it is available. I will hand out 5 to 10 caterpillars at a time and when you release the butterflies you can get more. I will handle all requests on a first come first served basis. Pass it on. Bob Erlich Evergreen Park

  2. Donna,

    That sounds like something I would like to do. I work all week though, and don’t want the caterpillars to starve if I don’t keep giving them milkweed. I suppose I could put them out in the garden, but they might just feed the birds….

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