God’s Wonders – Big and Small

May 25, 2011

The rain gauge showed 2 inches of rain today and I can hear the thunder as I write.  Everything is growing.  It is fun to see some things grow so big and others are tiny, but beautiful.

The catmint will take over if I let it.  I had to move several plants this year so they would not be lost in its shadow.  The yellow lady’s mantel in front is just starting to bloom.  Straight back you can see a large patch of johnny jump up violets that will soon have to be pulled up to make room for the cantaloupe.  Further back on the left the purple Salvia are starting to bloom and attract the bumble bees.

Rhubarb – another aggressive plant with huge leaves.  What we do not eat is great for the compost pile.

Pinks – This tiny plant catches my attention from the kitchen window and brightens a large green area.

This very first cantaloupe flower will hopefully turn into a delicious melon…

Zucchini is the most aggressive vegetable, soon to take up half the vegetable garden.  Here the small seedlings look innocent enough.

Last year we started making a tiny meadow around a bluebird house, by not cutting the surrounding grass.  The wrens experimented with the house, but the wasps were the one who finally moved in.  No hope of any bluebirds.

Yesterday morning I saw my first bluebirds ever – checking out our bird house!  The local sparrows were giving them a hard time and I do not see them around today, but I was thrilled that I had created a habitat that they like – a sunny meadow near some trees with tall grass for grasshoppers and other bugs.  It is pretty hard to see the birds in this picture, but the one sitting on the roof is definitely a bluebird.


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