Spring on hold

May 15, 2011

Last week the weather was in the high 80s for three days, now we are back down to the 40s and it has been raining for two days.  No gardening this weekend.  So many things are just waiting to burst into bloom with a little bit of sun.  Some, like the bulbs below started opening.

Scilla litardieri

I threw some yukon gold potatoes in the garden about a month ago and if all goes well I will have new potatoes later.  You can also see an eggplant I put in the ground in the upper left corner.  It is the first time I have grown either of these and it is always fun to try something new.

This is a good time of year for many of the herbs.  This Greek oregano is fighting for space with a patch of daisies.

Chamomile.  I have never really used it but I like the feathery texture of the leaves.

Last year my thyme became the home of a large ant hill, so it did not winter as well as usual.  I trimmed off a lot of the dead material and it is starting to come back.

In the center is penstemon husker red, which I planted last year, so I am still waiting for it to bloom for the first time.  I picked up a few more herbs to put on either side.  On the left if boxwood basil (it is supposed to look like a little boxwood.) And on the right is stevia, a plant with leaves that are supposed to be a natural herbal sweetner.


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