Fragrance, Food and Just for Fun

May 12, 2011

This week the temperature shot up from the 50s to the 80s in a short amount of time.  Everything is bursting….

Can you smell this common lilac if you breathe deeply?  The fragrance fills the yard in the evening.

This is a french lilac that I can’t quite remember the name for.  It is a little slower than the common lilac and lacks the fragrance.

I have been eating out of my container salad garden this week.

This lettuce reseeded itself in the garden where it grew last year.  I must have thrown in the onions last fall.  I have now added a few more lettuce seeds to keep me going on salad for a while.

Red switch grass – Panicum Rotstrahlbusch- in the front and in the back is Lysimachia Fireworks.

I brought this plant from Rick’s garden last year and planted it in a dry shady spot.  Last time Rick showed me around his garden he had these plants everywhere and he said once you get them in your garden they are impossible to eradicate.  Well, Rick, here it is…


One Response to “Fragrance, Food and Just for Fun”

  1. Tim said

    Wonderful photos – yes, I can smell that lilac…. they were great in Geneva last spring. And eating out of your own salad container!… is there anyway to just wipe off those leaves and just add a couple drops of Caesar dressing before biting the leaves off?? Somehow I picture Sky eating your plants in this way 🙂 I wonder what Rick’s garden looks like this spring? I’m praying for another gardener / plant lover to buy that house soon.

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