April Showers

April 23, 2011

Spring has been slow this year.  This past week it was in the 40s and we had many rainy days.  We had frost one night and the bird baths froze.

It is incredibly green, however, and we are letting the grass grow long, hoping to give it an advantage over the weeds.

There is not much to do outside, with it so wet, but inside the zinnia seedlings are getting ready for their debut entrance into the garden.  I put them outside today to begin to harden them up.  I also got a baby basil at the beginning of March that is growing out of its small pot.

It warmed up today and the violets are brightening up the lawn.  I like the violets, but try to pull out dandelions wherever they pop up.  The most aggressive weed is creeping charlie, as it crawls over large parts of the back yard.  I don’t like to use weed killers, so I just need to boost the grass, so it wins the battle.  I am not sure how well that is working…

The romaine lettuce and lettuce seedlings survived the frost.  I am looking forward to when I can start eating my own lettuce for lunches.

This parsley actually made it through the winter.  I did not clean it up last fall and it started to grow back this spring.  Maybe I can attract some swallowtail butterflies to lay their eggs here.  The birds have been taking the old straw and grass to make their nests today.

Today I looked over at the back of the neighbor’s house and saw a nest that I believe belongs to an Eastern Phoebe, a type of small flycatcher.  I have been hearing the phoebe call for weeks and now I am hoping I can watch the baby birds hatch.


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