The very beginning of spring

April 3, 2011

Today was supposed to be thunderstorms, but they never came, so I got out and cut down all the ornamental grasses from last year and generally cleaned some of the old stalks up so I can watch the new plants emerging.  It reached 70 degrees today and everything was growing.  I saw several different species of birds this evening.

These crocuses have been mostly closed over the past few weeks, but completely opened up with the heat today.

These miniature daffodils open earlier than my other daffodils, which are sticking up around the garden.  I love the cheery color!

One of the first things to come to life after the snow is the rock moss.  I did not plant it here, but it seems to like the environment.

This is the first robin I have seen splashing in the bird bath.  I put the other bird bath out today, too.  On the left you can see the bud ready to burst on the lilac.


2 Responses to “The very beginning of spring”

  1. Beth Linquist said

    Kris – Thanks for sharing these pics! My crocus’ emerged last week and I planted bulbs last fall to the right of our shed. No sign of them yet.

  2. Are you zone 4? We are zone 5b, I think, so a little earlier than you.

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