Spring Fever!

March 13, 2011

We turned the clocks forward last night.  The days are longer, but the temperature is still around 40 degrees.  The one thing we are told in the midwest is not to go working in the garden when the ground is soggy from the thaw.  We have to wait for the ground to dry a bit and firm up.  But I am not very good with patience in the springtime! I thought I would take just a few pictures.

Crocus bulbs push up through the Ajuga and dead leaves.  We have a lot of cheerful bulbs coming up all over the garden.

Sedum Dragon’s Blood, true to its name this time of year.

There are at least 10 ornamental grasses that need to be cut to the ground, along with the sedum and the shrubs in the top left of the picture; hydrangea and caryopteris.  I also decided to move quite a few plants from one place to another.  I need to wait for some warm days before I do all of that.  I did find a spot where the soil was ready, though, and planted some lettuce seeds.

It’s a good day to hang out on the couch!


One Response to “Spring Fever!”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    It sounds like we got the same idea the same day!

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