Morning Exercise

February 13, 2011

The temperature is supposed to reach 42 degrees today.  With so much snow on the ground it will take a while for it to melt.  I decided to take a walk around Lake Katherine this morning.

I love this little stream that bubbles along all winter and flows into the lake.

A little history and art surrounded by tall grasses.

I walked around the lake twice, starting at 8:15 am, and did not meet a soul until 9:15 as I headed for the parking lot.  I did see a lot of birds, though!  I was trying to capture the robins in the sumac, but could not get a good picture.  The robins seemed to be eating the sumac flowers.  I guess there are not many worms to eat now.

I counted 17 robins and there may have been 20-30 of them.  Then I started to see cardinals and even a woodpecker pecking away.

The ducks and geese were in residence, as usual.

People have been walking on the lake this past month during the cold weather.  Today I noticed a sign which says:  “Dangerous ice – stay off.”


2 Responses to “Morning Exercise”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    I want to know how those ducks keep their feet warm- if I knew that secret, I’d be out there swimming too. Love the subdued colors and how they help us to notice textures more easily.

  2. The palate of colors are different in winter, but really pleasant – blues, browns, tans and white. I enjoy looking at the winter trees, but can’t really identify them without leaves. Even with leaves I am not much good…

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