February Blizzard

February 2, 2011

We had over 20 inches of snow in Chicago in the past day.  Schools were closed and Dan and I worked from home.  Here is what is looked like at around 10:0 am Wednesday morning out the back window as snow continued to fall.

The grasses show above the snow drifts which were three feet high or more.

And the view from the front window.  We were not going anywhere in those cars without a little digging out.

We put on our boots and got our shovels, but both doors were blocked by snow.

I suggested crawling out the window, and Dan complied.

I was going to brush the snow off the shrubs but the sidewalk was blown over.  It took us over two hours of shoveling, and during part of the afternoon all four of us were out working at it.

Now the mailman will be able to deliver our mail. Meanwhile we noticed water on the sidewalk and were surprised that the snow was melting so quickly.  It seems that a water main burst.  The police have been notified and hopefully the water works people will be able to repair it tomorrow!


2 Responses to “February Blizzard”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    Wow! Pretty amazing to see your garden in the snow. I used news video clips of the cars blocking Lake Shore Drive in my news/media class at the university today (Gunma, Japan). If I had seen your post before that, I would have told your story about the water main!

  2. The water works people came while we were at work today. Everything seems to be working fine, so we are not sure what went on, but thankful for water!

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