Winter Shopping Online

January 30, 2011

Recently I went online and bought 3 mums.  After they were purchased I had second thoughts:  I wonder how hardy these mums will be in Illinois weather?  In any case they were not too expensive and I can enjoy them this year, and maybe for years to come.  I plan to plant them on the east side of the yard along the wood fence, so they will have afternoon sun.

These ship from Oregon and are called Fantasy.   It says they will bloom from Oct. 16 – Oct. 26, so  we will see how that works in Illinois.

I am listening to an interesting audio book called “Summer World: A Season of Bounty,” by Bernd Heinrich.  He lives in New England and has fascinating information about birds, wasps, frogs, caterpillars, etc.  Suddenly my plants are more than just beautiful designs.  They are homes and food for small creatures!


2 Responses to “Winter Shopping Online”

  1. Andrea LJ said

    So you’ve got energy to burn, do you? All that snow is covering the ground so you can’t weed or get your fingers in the dirt. Good to see you are turning your creative juices to planning for spring! When will it come this year? Shouldn’t the groundhog tell us pretty soon?

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