Snowy December

December 12, 2010

A beautiful soft snow fell on Friday, December 3rd, and it has been mostly white since then.  It is snowing again today and I heard the temperatures were falling.

The view from upstairs.  This first snow was wet and heavy and flattened the red switch grass on the left.  The sedum are standing firm.

This leaf missed the compost pile.

The drought garden we planted this year gave us several nice ornamental grasses.  The zebra grass on the right and a dwarf miscanthus on the left – I forgot the name.  Also there are two blue fescue clumps under the snow.  In the back are the irises from Rick’s garden.  I wonder if they will bloom in the spring.

The gift that keeps giving – The cyclamen was a house warming gift from Alia five years ago.  This is also the first time I dried hydrangeas.

I went to the library yesterday and got some winter reading.  When the weather is too cold and I can’t walk at lunch I will have something fun to read to remind me of summer days.  I am always planning the next phase of the garden.


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