Getting Ready for Winter

November 21, 2010

This weekend was the last big clean up.  Dan cleaned the gutters and blew the leaves out of the rocks.  All the leaves went on the lawn and then we mulched them up with the mower and built the compost pile.  We throw on a layer of leaves mixed with grass, then some green leaves or kitchen garbage, then some old compost or dirt and then start over.  The pile is already cooking and making some good compost for next summer, though it will slow down once the snow comes.

The plants that have spent the summer outside have come in.  The Cyclamen, with red flowers, was a house warming gift in 2005.  I threw it outside this summer and it looked like it was dead, but then it came back, better than ever.  The hen and chicks are back in for the winter.  I like the reflection of the leafless trees in the window.

Looking the other direction, the view is pretty boring now.  I post this so that over the next months I can think about where to add an evergreen or two to make this view more interesting in the winter, which is a lot of the year in Illinois.

Morning Light, Miscanthus Sinensis, is one of my favorite grasses.  It is blowing in the wind here, so a bit out of focus.

This caryopteris grew taller than the lilac next to it this year.  It holds up all winter and looks beautiful covered with snow.

Hydrangea – leaf art.


2 Responses to “Getting Ready for Winter”

  1. Tim said

    The plants look cozy inside for the winter. It’s fun to “see” your garden often, hear about changes, and feel like we are right there participating!

    Andrea does better than I do with the plants….planting a few items that will look nice near the front door, and that will make it through the cold months ahead, etc. We’re heading up to Lake Nojiri for Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday so we will enjoy either the very last of the Fall colors or some fresh snow. We’ve never had all three kids in the same school with the same days off before. On our return from Nagano early Sunday morning we will all be at the Isesaki Church together to begin Advent. Hard to believe how fast the year has gone.

  2. Those plants DO look cozy inside! Now that the garden work is done I can visit the arboretum and other wonderful places and looks at my favorite trees and their winter shapes.

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