November 14, 2010

A month has past since my last post.  It is mostly clean up time now.

A few weeks ago I took this Chrysanthemum picture – Coral Burst.  I bought a few small plants from my friend earlier in the spring, since stores only sell them in the fall.  I would love to buy more or these in different colors for late fall color.  Next year I will try to get them in early August and see if I can get them to overwinter and come back the next year.

Today I shot this chrysanthemum picture with a half dead pollinator hanging on.  30 minutes later I was cutting back the Salvia and a bee, or something, bit me in the right foot!  That ended my gardening for the day.

The burning bush turned red this week.  I trimmed it back quite a bit earlier in the fall.

Two weeks ago it was extremely windy and the leaves piled up near our back door.  Dan and I pause for a fall photo in the leaves before mulching them up for the compost pile.

Ugly or winter interest?  The sedum are not very attractive now.  I wonder if I should cut them down or if the stalks will look interesting covered by snow…

Switch Grass.  I love ornamental grasses and have many in the garden.  I am thinking about how to highlight them more, so that they get the attention they deserve.


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