Last Warm Days…

October 3, 2010

I did not take many good pictures this week…

This is the time of year to start cleaning up the garden.  Everything diseased and with unwanted seeds needs to go in the bin and the rest can go in the compost.  I only have one yard waste bin so I try to fill it up each week.  This week was morning glories and zucchini leaves.  I  don’t think you want to see pictures of that!

Dan and I did put our jackets on and sat in the yard sipping hot chocolate.  We saw the hummingbird in the morning glories and then watched a sparrow swoop by and swallow a little moth.

This picture is not too clear, but on the bird bath is a male flicker on the right and a female flicker on the left.  A robin is holding his own and not giving up his spot, while another robin waits for his turn below to the right.

The toad stalks through the grass, but now is very still while I take this picture.  Our grass has a number of brown spots and we could still use more rain before winter comes.


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