Monarch Butterfly Festival

September 19, 2010

This was the first year I made it over to the Monarch Butterfly Festival at Lake Katherine.  It was a fun family event.

I waited in line to get in the Butterfly tent where I took this picture.

While waiting to get in the butterfly tent I enjoyed listening to this lady talk about this brown Tarantula.

This morning, in my own yard, I was about to take a picture of the parsley before bringing it is to dry or freeze, when I saw this swallowtail caterpillar.  I have been watching all summer for these caterpillars that eat parsley and this is the first one I have seen.

When picking tomatoes today I almost missed this well camouflaged tomato hornworm.  I am still looking for a praying mantis, but have not seen one this year.

Here is the September view from the window.  I hung up a few hydrangeas to dry so I can enjoy them all winter…

It is a little early for the goldenrod “fireworks” and for the asters, but I couldn’t resist putting in this shot, since I watch the colors changing from the window each day.  The little sliver plant in the center front is called a curry plant.  It is not really used for curry, but it smells just like curry.  The purple basil, which is starting to flower,  is holding up the asters.  I saw a Cedar Waxing this week and wonder if they will come to eat these berries on the Viburnum bushes.


2 Responses to “Monarch Butterfly Festival”

  1. Tim Johnson said

    What a great September view! Is that from your kitchen window? Is that chair full-sized or a miniature? It appears that you have a large dance floor and sitting room from which to view your garden. But then….those blue vases look a little large!

  2. I bought that little miniature chair at a garage sale recently from someone selling their home. It seemed like a relaxing chair to look at each day…

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