Vegetable Garden

July 18, 2010

I have been too busy in the garden to blog…

Below you will see a picture of the “vegetable” portion of the garden.

There are always a lot of flowers in this garden, too.  The herbs are mostly perennials and they flower at different times, but I have a number to annuals, as well.  I definitely do not plant the vegetables in rows.  They get rotated around wherever there is an open spot and all the mix of smells and variety of plants keep the bugs confused, so no pesticides are needed.  The wasps and bees love the yellow fennel, which is flowering now.

I got a package with seeds of green, yellow, and purple bush beans and I love the variety.  We have pole beans, too, but they are harder to see, to they get pretty big before I find them!

I bought a little watermelon plant on a whim and it died right away.  Or so I thought!  After weeks of rain I saw that it was coming back.  I wonder if there will be time for the watermelons to form…

The cucumbers are coming quickly now!  Our neighbor gave us some, too.  We are eating half of them and put the other half in the compost pile to see if we can get the worms back in there again.

My husband weeded the garden this morning!  Thank you!!!  You can see the zucchini leaves in the foreground, as well as the basil on the right.  In the background are the cherry tomatoes that are ripening quickly.  We will have to make some spaghetti sauce with the tomatoes, parsley, oregano and thyme.

This is the first time I have grown swiss chard, which cooks up somewhat like spinach.  The stalks are either red, yellow or white.  It just keeps coming and coming….

I had to sneak in a butterfly picture on this butterfly weed.  Can you see the Monarch?


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