Spring Pinks and Purples

May 17, 2010

I imagine that I have a yellow, purple and orange garden, but this time of year everything seems to be pink and purple.

Strawberry blossoms

Chives, Oregano and Daisy leaves

Clematis, Common Sage and Mint

Here is the bed I planted last spring.  In the foreground is Goat’s beard and foxgloves.

The Columbine is smiling at us while the Catmint blends in.

The Sedum was from Donna at the garden club.  The smaller Dianthus were a gift when Karen passed away.  The taller Dianthus came from Melissa’s mother last spring.  I might move these to a better location later, but I had to capture them while they are blooming.


2 Responses to “Spring Pinks and Purples”

  1. Tim said

    Looks fantastic Kris!

    Bob and Erma’s vegetable garden looked good this morning….they have lots of flowers blooming too. Their lilacs all along the road are still blooming and look nice. All for now.

  2. I have sent Bob and Erma this website now. I would love to see some pictures of their garden. Better yet, I will see it when we go to Minnesota in June.

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