Much Needed Rain

April 25, 2010

We did some yard work despite the rain.  While putting down some mulch we came across this toad.

He was hiding in the edge of the grass and then stayed very still in the mulch, blending in.

We have a bare area on the west side of the house where our neighbors enter their back door.  We decided to plant this Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry for starters. The wire around it is to keep the rabbits at bay.  The bunnies should be born any day now.

I bought these Hens and Chicks at a garage sale and have left them outside for two winters and they still seem happy and growing.

The Rhubarb I was given last year is coming on strong.  I am not sure when to pick it, but it seems pretty big to me.  I planted a few Romaine lettuce last week.  Is that a pea sprouting out in the bottom left?  I will have to go take a look in the garden again.

The robins are frequent users of the bird baths.  This robin was listening for worms on a raining day.  I have a lot of weeds in the garden that I need to hoe out before I plant my vegetables.  I did get a few onions in, and the mint, sage, yarrow, and clematis are all healthy.

We just had a few crab apple blossoms this year and I thought I would get a picture before they are gone for the year.


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